Sony VPLHW45ES Best 3D Projector
Televisions have gotten so big and have become such a huge part of our daily lives that they’ve become the focal point of just about every living room in America. While modern HDTV’s are much more sleek and less bulky than tubes of the past, they still tend to dominate whatever room they’re in. If
UE BOOM 2 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers
Do you enjoy music wherever you go? Love listening to your favorite songs at all times? If you want a portable speaker that you can use in the shower or on the go, then you need one of the best Bluetooth shower speakers. Bluetooth shower speakers wirelessly connect to your phone. They have all the
Samsung SmartThings Hub Best Smart Home Devices
You might have heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s smart house that uses Morgan Freeman’s voice. But did you know you don’t have to be a billionaire to have a smart home? Unfortunately, Morgan Freeman hasn’t lent his voice to any mass-market smart home products yet, but maybe someday. Smart home devices come in a few different
Yamaha YAS 203 Best Sound Bar Speaker
Soundbars have been progressively improving in sound quality, features and design while decreasing in price. Today, all of the best soundbars offer a simple solution to great quality audio, without the hassle and wires. The Yamaha YAS 203 is a pseudo surround sound system. It’s a 2.1 stereo, meaning it provides a stereo output with
Originally introduced in 2016, Vizio’s SB4051-C0 offers the best performance and sound at it’s price point. For the price, nothing can touch it. It also has a ton of great features that make it expandable and compatible with almost all setups. Design The SB4051-C0 has a clean design. It has black powder coated metal grilles that
Netgear CM500 Best Cable Modems
A cable modem is an easy thing to ignore. It might be the most forgettable component in our home online experience, but it’s also the most important. Finding and using the best cable modem for your needs can improve your online experience on all your devices. Of the many hidden fees in your Internet/cable bill,
Before you choose between which speakers you’re going to get, it’s helpful to understand the positives and negatives of both. “Should I get a floorstanding or bookshelf speaker” is a common question we see all over the web. So we figured we’d address it. To start, the answer really varies depending on the application and
Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Home
Best Home Bluetooth Speakers | Top 7 The way we listen to music is changing. In the past, you had to connect your speakers through a complex system of wires. You needed wires for the player, the subwoofer, the individual speakers. A set of one of the best Bluetooth home speakers can change all that.
Samsung UN55KS9500 Best 4K HDTV
The way we watch television is changing all the time. But if there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s that we need a great TV to consume the media we love. Hardware is important and we want to make sure we’re getting the best possible experience. Movies, shows, and video games are made to be enjoyed
ASUS RT-AC5300 Best Gaming Router
Think your gaming experience will improve if you have the best router in the market? A resounding yes! If you are a serious gamer, you know that a few milliseconds of lag in your internet connection can be devastating. It can cause you to slow down and lose valuable points or time. The best router

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