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Installing home theater, audio and video equipment can be intimidating. Until you learn how the products work and how to install them. Our comprehensive installation guides and how-to articles will help you understand your new home electronics and how to install them in no time.

setting up a home theater projector
Setting up a video projector can require a little more thought and effort than a 4k HDTV that sits on top of a piece of furniture. For an HDTV, the only thing you need to worry about is wires and placement. Projectors are different. But don’t let that discourage you. A new 4K or 1080p
installing in-ceiling and in-wall speakers
There are a number of benefits to installing in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. For one, they look great and blend seamlessly with the rest of your room or home theater. But looks aren't the only reason for installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. There are many speakers that perform incredibly well and provide a phenomenal surround sound
5.1 Speaker Setup Guide
Arranging your home theater speakers is critical to how your stereo performs and sounds. Placing your speakers in the correct position for a 5.1 system can make even a mediocre sound system sound like a high-end home theater. Here, we’d like to walk you through the steps to set up your speakers perfectly to optimize
The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3700 is a 3D, full HD, 3LCD Projector that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a brightness of 3,000 lumens. You can watch 2D or 3D videos coupled with high-quality sound through its two built-in 10W speakers. It’s a big step up from some systems that aren’t user-friendly because
Yamaha YAS 203 Best Sound Bar Speaker
Soundbars have been progressively improving in sound quality, features and design while decreasing in price. Today, all of the best soundbars offer a simple solution to great quality audio, without the hassle and wires. The Yamaha YAS 203 is a pseudo surround sound system. It's a 2.1 stereo, meaning it provides a stereo output with
Originally introduced in 2016, Vizio's SB4051-C0 offers the best performance and sound at it's price point. For the price, nothing can touch it. It also has a ton of great features that make it expandable and compatible with almost all setups. Design The SB4051-C0 has a clean design. It has black powder coated metal grilles that
Aside from the router code, there are other factors to consider in choosing the best router. Range and Throughput – The range depends on the number of antennas and radios it has. Also important is the frequency and degree of interference. If you want the best internet router, stick to the wireless AC routers. They offer the furthest range
Before you choose between which speakers you’re going to get, it’s helpful to understand the positives and negatives of both. “Should I get a floorstanding or bookshelf speaker” is a common question we see all over the web. So we figured we’d address it. To start, the answer really varies depending on the application and
Sony VPLVW1100ES Best 4k Projectors
The VPL-VW1100ES is Sony's Flagship 4K projector. It's truly a premium home theater projector. It'll give you the unbelievable 4K experience you're looking for, but for a hefty price tag. Projector Reviews even says, if you “Want better, buy an IMAX theater”. This Sony truly raises the bar in home theater projection. Today is a
JVC DLA-X900RKT Best 4k Projectors
The JVC DLA-X900RKT premium THX and ISF 4K projector is an amazing product. Although its price may be a little steep, it’s certainly worth the investment. It boasts a 150,000:1 native contrast, which is currently the highest in the industry. This projector has been optimized by technicians to make sure all parts and components are
Polk Audio has been producing great audio equipment since they were founded in 1972. They really have been influencing the audio industry for decades now. They have lines of product that stretch from home and car audio, to marine and concert equipment. The LSiM 703 is a perfect example of one of Polk's high performing
The ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector is a budget-friendly home theater projector that retails for around $500 or even less. Moderately priced, this unit boasts of good brightness levels and the most basic features you’ll need for your home’s entertainment purposes. Truly, it has a mostly impressive performance for its price range, and
Synology RT1900AC Best Wireless Router
The RT1900AC is Synology's first stab at entering the wireless router marketplace. And they did well. It was introduced at Computex in 2015 and has been available ever since. In testing, it performed great as a Wi-Fi router and NAS server. It’s been reviewed as one of the best storage servers on the market. But
BenQ W1070 3D Projector Reviews
The BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) is a 3D home theater projector that features lens shift technology and utilizes the RGBRGB color wheel. It employs high resolution that’s perfect for home cinemas on a budget. At less than $700, this projector is packed with features despite the relatively cheap price compared to its counterparts.
Sony VPLHW45ES Best 3D Projector
The Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD is a great choice for a home theater and gaming projector. At less than $2,000, it gives buyers a bang for their buck. It’s not an entirely huge risk of an investment, as the price is relatively affordable; especially coming from a brand that’s already established as one of


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