In 2012, was founded by Kameron Scott to help consumers narrow their search on home audio and video products. The goal was to simplify the search for users based on intensive research and first-hand knowledge in the space. As a founder and owner of, his passion for high quality audio and video equipment extended beyond the automotive world and into real of home audio. Combined with his itch for all things digital, was created and has been a source for thousands of searchers looking for the best products for their home.

Roaming through the web and in stores to find the equipment that’s best for your home, office or theater can be time consuming at best. Where many of our competitors feature content written by individuals who aren’t knowledgeable in the field, and assemble recommendations and reviews based on other reviews across the web, we do our research independently and in many cases test products first hand on our test bench and in our lab. It’s what we love to do and just happen to try make a little money doing it!

At, our mission is to provide meaningful, unbiased reviews and reliable information about home audio and video equipment in order to simplify your search for the best products.

We’re Affiliates

We know that there can definitely be a conflict between writing reviews, compiling recommended lists of products and being paid by brands to feature their products. We work hard to be as transparent as we can when it comes to how we make money and how it might impact our users. Just because a product is featured on a list or we have written a review about it, doesn’t mean we’re being compensated by that brand. We don’t take money from product manufacturers (we’d be flattered if you think they would pay us to do so). We also don’t cram our content full of display advertising. Your experience on our website is important to us.

Our end goal is to provide meaningful product reviews and content for our users so that they keep coming back to read more. Even though we make money on the products you purchase by clicking on one of the links on our site, that does not influence the products we feature or review.

Our Editorial Process

Finding, researching and ultimately testing/reviewing products goes beyond just a simple search and compilation of products on a list for users. Quality recommendations, how to articles and, in general, meaningful content takes a ton of time and resources to build these days. HouseholdAudio’s editorial and article generation process is rooted in it’s mission to create a quality experience for our users and not just to make money. It’s also just fun for us – this is our passion. We want to be your source of truth when it comes to home audio equipment and we spend a lot of our time and resources trying to do this! If you feel like we’re falling short or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at with your question or concern!

Write for Us

The editors of have both passion and experience in the topics that they cover in order to provide our users with reliable reviews and ratings for products. If Home Audio, Video, and Electronics are something that you’re an expert on, lets talk! We’d love for you to write for us.

Qualified, experienced and passionate freelancers – that’s who we’re looking for. People that have high standards and create content that resonates with users.

Note: We do not accept unsolicited guest-authored content.

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About the Founder was established in 2012 by Kameron Scott. Alongside working for almost a decade in the automotive and marine industry and establishing, he also worked for nearly 7 years in the construction industry, building custom kitchens, bathrooms and also wiring up custom theaters, speakers and general electronics. His passion for all things audio led him to establish the website to write about his experience with home audio and video products and his process of installing them. His day job is in digital product management, working for large enterprises like Motor Trend Group and Experian to build meaningful experiences for users. On his nights and weekends he tests, photographs, installs and reviews all sorts of products to bring you the content you see across his sites.