The dream of a smart home need not be an expensive one. You can build a smarter, more connected living space without emptying your wallet. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a budget-friendly smart home that combines convenience and innovation, all for under $100. Let’s explore the possibilities and devices that can make your home a little smarter.

Concepts You Need to Know Before Building a Smart Home

Before diving into creating your budget-friendly smart home, let’s clarify some essential concepts that will shape your journey.


Your choice of a smart home platform serves as the cornerstone of your connected ecosystem. It’s important to consider platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit to align with your preferences and device compatibility. Each platform has its unique features, and ensuring compatibility with budget-friendly devices is crucial to keeping costs down.

Wireless Protocols and Hubs

Understanding wireless protocols and the role of smart hubs can help you select devices that communicate seamlessly with one another. For budget-conscious users, it’s beneficial to choose devices that support cost-effective wireless protocols like Zigbee or Z-Wave. Additionally, some smart hubs, such as the Raspberry Pi, offer affordable central control points for your devices.


Matter, the emerging smart home standard, is designed to unify device compatibility across different brands and platforms. Keeping an eye out for Matter-compatible devices will give your budget-friendly smart home a level of flexibility that ensures long-term functionality and integration.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, are the voice-activated heart of your smart home. These devices enable you to control various functions using voice commands, play music, answer questions, and interact with other smart devices. Choosing the right voice assistant that aligns with your platform ensures a seamless and integrated experience.

Types of Smart Home Devices

Now that you’re familiar with the foundational concepts, let’s explore the types of budget-friendly smart home devices that can transform your living space.

Smart Speakers and Displays

Affordable smart speakers and displays, like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini, serve as the central hub for your voice-activated commands. They can play music, provide weather updates, and connect to various devices in your home, making them an ideal starting point for your budget-friendly smart home.

Security Cameras and Doorbells

Budget-friendly security cameras and doorbells, such as the Wyze Cam or Blink Mini, offer real-time monitoring and security alerts without putting a strain on your budget. These devices provide you with peace of mind and a heightened sense of security.

Lights and Blinds

Incorporating budget-friendly smart light bulbs, smart outlet plugs, and motorized blinds can transform your living space. These devices allow you to control lighting, set schedules, and even automate routines, giving your home a touch of modern convenience.

Switches and Sensors

Smart light switches and sensors, such as the Lutron Caseta or motion detectors, offer cost-effective solutions to control your existing non-smart lights and enhance automation possibilities. These devices contribute to energy savings and comfort in your budget-friendly smart home.

Plugs and Appliances

Smart plugs, such as the Gosund Mini, are a budget-conscious way to transform ordinary appliances into smart devices. Additionally, you can explore budget-friendly smart appliances like kettles and coffee makers that integrate seamlessly into your smart home setup.

Thermostats and Climate Control

Budget-friendly smart thermostats, such as the Google Nest Thermostat E, offer temperature control and energy savings without exceeding your budget. You can also enhance your comfort with affordable smart ceiling fans and portable heaters that bring climate control to your budget-friendly smart home.

Media Streamers and Locks

Affordable media streamers, like the Roku Express, bring streaming services to your TV without straining your budget. In addition, budget-friendly smart locks enhance the security of your home, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

Security Systems and Accessories

Expand your home security with budget-friendly DIY security systems like the Ring Alarm. Additional accessories, such as key fobs and window/door sensors, enhance your security setup without breaking the bank.

How to Set Up a Smart Home on a Budget

Creating a budget-friendly smart home involves several key steps.

Choosing a Platform

Select a smart home platform that aligns with your device preferences and budget constraints. Ensure that the platform supports budget-friendly devices within your $100 budget to create a well-integrated and cost-effective ecosystem.

Wireless Tech

Consider the wireless protocols and hubs that support your budget-friendly devices. This ensures seamless communication among your devices and helps you stay within your budget while building a connected home.

Buying Speakers and Displays

Purchase an affordable smart speaker or display that fits within your budget. These devices serve as the central hub for your voice-activated commands and create a convenient and interactive experience for your budget-friendly smart home.

Choosing and Controlling Lights

Select budget-friendly smart bulbs, switches, or plugs that align with your budget constraints. These devices allow you to control your lighting, set schedules, and automate routines, contributing to energy savings and convenience in your budget-friendly smart home.

Climate Control

Enhance your comfort and energy efficiency with budget-friendly smart thermostats and climate control devices. Select devices that fit within your budget, such as the Google Nest Thermostat E, and explore budget-friendly smart ceiling fans and portable heaters to maintain a comfortable living space.

Building a Security System

Reinforce the security of your budget-friendly smart home with affordable security cameras, doorbells, and alarm systems. Ensure that these devices are compatible with your chosen platform, providing security and peace of mind without exceeding your budget.

Locks, Media Streamers, and Other Accessories

Consider adding budget-friendly smart locks, media streamers, and other accessories that enhance the convenience and functionality of your budget-friendly smart home. These devices allow you to make the most of your budget while enjoying a smarter living space.

With careful planning, budget-conscious choices, and the right approach, you can create a budget-friendly smart home that seamlessly integrates convenience, energy savings, and security into your life without exceeding your $100 budget. It’s an excellent way to embrace the future of technology without compromising your financial well-being. Start building your smarter home today!