Projectors are becoming more and more popular with consumers. With the adaptation of 4K technology and other advanced features, people are looking to put more projectors in their homes and offices. Plus, projectors are versatile because they can be moved around easily.

If you have a projector, or are in the market for one, you’re going to also need one of the best projector screens on the market. Not just any surface will do, because the images must be projected on a perfectly flat space.

Best Projector Screen | What to Look For

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a projector screen. The main features include the size (diagonal length), shape (curved or straight), and style (fixed or retractable).

Before purchasing your screen you must consider all these factors individually.

  • Size: Think about where you’ll be using your screen. If it’s in a small room, then a large screen may not work. This is not only because of the space for the screen, but certain sizes require the viewer to be seated at a certain distance away which will also be an issue.
  • Shape: For those who aren’t experts, shape won’t be the biggest factor. You should consider the different aspect ratios, of which a popular choice is 16×9. There is now the factor of curved vs. straight screens as well. Curved screens are less common at present, but they do make for an excellent viewing experience.
  • Style: Choosing between a fixed and retractable screen is a straightforward decision. If you want to keep your screen upright in the same position, than get a fixed screen. Moreover, if you want to buy a screen you can easily move around a fixed screen is a good choice, because it can be easily disassembled and moved around. As for retractable screens, this is the more professional option, and requires screens to be mounted either on the wall or ceiling.

Best Projector Screen List

#1. Elite Screens Spectrum Series

Elite Screens Spectrum Series Best Projector Screens

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarts around $185

Elite Screens Spectrum Series Quick Review

This Elite Spectrum series offers a ton of versatility when it comes to electric motorized screens. The Elite Screens series uses MaxWhite™ 1.1 gain projection technology with a textured surface. The screen offers a wide viewing angle and 4K Ultra HD technology, which is great for watching family movies or the big game. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, including diagonal lengths of 84” to 180” for 16:9 formatting. The motor is silent and remote controlled operated, making it efficient and easy to use. The screens fit perfectly in any room, whether it’s in a home or commercial building.

The design is sleek and comes in a black or white finish. The material is easy to clean—all you need is soap and water. Its all-steel casing is robust and easy to install as it comes fully assembled, and includes an installation kit. Setting up the mount, which can be set on a wall or ceiling, is almost too easy.

When using the projectors you’ll enjoy a bright display, regardless of the viewing angle or amount of light. Don’t worry about finding the perfect lighting, as the Elite Screens series is great even in ambient lighting. The Elite Screens Spectrum series comes with a 2-year warranty should any issues arise. The remote for the projector is included.

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#2. Stewart StudioTek 130 Series

Steward StudioTek 130 Series Best Projector Screen

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarting at around $250

Stewart StudioTek 130 Series Quick Review

Stewart Screens are some of the best in the business. They are widely respected for both theatrical and professional screen designs. The StudioTek screen series is even certified by THX, proving its awesome sound and visual quality. This screen is truly top of the line because in terms of image quality it does everything a screen is supposed to do which gives the viewer a more authentic viewing experience.

Their StudioTek 130 series is a flexible projection screen that offers an unmatched viewing experience. Its G3 screen is 30% brighter than a normal white screen surface and you can really see the difference when watching. This gives it excellent performance in a room where the lighting can’t be controlled entirely.

The screens are well crafted with an extremely smooth and flat surface. In addition to the lighting, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing screens to look at. Though the StudioTek series comes with a higher price tag, its performance is top notch and hard to compete with.

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#3. Elite Screens Lunette Curved Series

Elite Screens Lunette Curved Series Best Projector Screens

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarting at around $800

Elite Screens Lunette Curved Series Quick Review

The Lunette Curved Series offers a unique viewing experience. These curved screens have been designed to enhance perception and image depth, while at the same time making brightness more uniform. Flat screens have a less than ideal image due to the way light is projected onto the screen—this is known as the pin-cushion effect. The curved screen on the other hand, has a more efficient design, and displays a uniform brightness. The curved screen is also more natural to the human eye, as the screen reaches into our eyes’ peripheral vision. The screens curvature is also able to enhance contrast levels while reducing the amount of incident light. This makes for a higher sense of immersion. Moreover, the CineWhite projection material makes the experience even more amazing. This screen is also 3D and 4K Ultra HD ready for whatever format you choose.

The curved screens are covered with a stylish velveteen coating and an aluminum frame. This is done for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The installation kit also includes all the necessary pieces for setup. And because of the quick attachment of the material to the frame you can achieve a smooth, flat surface in no time.

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#4. Silver Ticket 100 Series

Silver Ticket 100 Series Best Projector Screen

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarting at $175

Silver Ticket 100 Series Quick Review

The Silver Ticket 100 series is a high performance screen, and for a great price. Some reviewers have claimed that the $200 screen is as good as some $2000 products! One reason this is such a great product is that the screen is made of quality vinyl for its screen, not simply a sheet. In addition to a 1.1 gain, viewers will enjoy high resolution and rich colors. And there is no lost resolution no matter where viewers are sitting.

A much welcomed benefit of the Silver Ticket 100 series is that assembly is quick and easy. It’s simple, as the screen mounts on a wall just like a picture frame would. The aluminum frame has a black fabric which absorbs excess light, so you don’t have to frustrate yourself with making the lighting perfect. Not only is this setup easy, but there will be a smooth surface—no wrinkles will ruin your view.

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#5. Visual Apex Vapex Series

Visual Apex Vapex Series Best Projector Screen

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarting at $250

Visual Apex Vapex Series Quick Review

This screen will fit comfortably in any room. It is a clear, bright picture at any angle. You can take in the large picture without having to strain your eyes or neck. No more sitting awkwardly! The screen is a 16:9 aspect ratio with a durable, white screen. The black backed material eliminates lights loss, making for excellent color display. This is further enhanced with the black masking borders which creates an excellent contrast. The aluminum casing is sturdy and can be fit for wall or ceiling installations. The motor is soft and quiet, with extended longevity and low consumption of power. There is also a 3-way wall switch that comes included.

When it’s time to set up or put your screen away, the Vapex series makes things easy. You can also use the built-in vertical switch to control the drop and rise settings. There is also a generous 3-year warranty. This line of screens is built to last, but it’s nice to have this guarantee.

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#6. Elite Screens Sable Frame Series


Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon LogoStarts at around $180

Elite Screens Sable Frame Series Quick Review

Another excellent series from Elite Screens is their Sable series. The Sable Frame is designed to provide an amazing viewing experience. It is offered in a variety of screen materials, including CineWhite, and is perfect for any environment. This advanced technology also means that it is 4K Ultra HD ready. This series also boasts PowerGain technology. The screens’ 1.8 gain offers an excellent viewing experience, especially in environments where there is ambient light. With high contrast levels and textured materials, the viewing experience is top-notch.

The Sable series’ contoured aluminum frame is designed to absorb excess light and to enhance the overall appearance. There is also a sleek black velour exterior. Plus, the setup for the Sable series is quite easy as well. It assembles in just minutes because the sliding wall mounts makes hanging it up simple. The fixed plate design provides an equal amount of tension across the surface of the screen, ensuring a perfect picture. There is also a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

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JaeilPLM PLM-OS100 – Best Portable Projector Screen

JaeilPLM PLM-OS100 Best Portable Projector Screen

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon Logo$108.00

JaeilPLM PLM-OS100 Quick Review

Having a home theatre is great, but have you ever wanted to bring your projector with you on the go? The JaeilPLM PLM-OS100 is the best portable solution if you ever want a theatre wherever you travel—whether it’s camping or tailgating. What makes the JaeilPLM screen so portable is its light weight at just 13 pounds. The setup is quick and easy too and can be done in just 10 minutes! And when packing it away it can fit easily in the trunk of most cars, using the free bag that come with the screen.
The JaeilPLM screen also has a high quality display. It uses a smooth matte surface which keeps a nice, smooth surface even when rolling it up. And if the screen ever gets dirty from being outside you can easily wash it off with a washcloth. The 100-inch screen is also supported by a sturdy pyramid shape structure at the base. This makes it even more conducive to using it outside or on the go because you won’t have to worry about the screen falling over. But if you would prefer to hang the screen you can do that as well. The screen is also a great value at just over $100.

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Vivo PSM-M-084 – Best Value Projector

Vivo PSM-M-084 Best Value Projector Screen

Editor’s Rating:

5 Stars

Amazon Logo$76.99

Vivo PSM-M-084 Quick Review

Advanced screen technology doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to have ceiling mounts, 4K technology, and a curved screen you will have to spend a bit more. However, if you’re looking for amazing value in a projector you should check out the Vivo 84” projector screen.

If you’re in need of a projector for the home or office, the Vivo 84 inch screen is an excellent choice. It is simple, easy to use, and offers the right balance of price and image quality. The screen is also compatible with most LED and LCD projectors, so no need to go out and find a new projector. The screen is also portable, so you can use it once for a presentation, and then set it up for a movie. The pull-down string is also an easy touch to get the screening started.

The screen does offer some advanced features like a MaxWhite screen with 1.1 gain. But the Vivo screen itself is not glamorous in terms of aesthetic design. It is quite basic. It’s surrounded by black backing to eliminate excess light penetration. Also, it is heavy duty and can sustain any bumps or drop.

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