The Asus RT-AC3200 is an excellent choice for a tri-band router. It tested incredibly well. It’s a great Wi-Fi router for homes with tons of devices, but might be a little too much for the normal home. Nonetheless, it’s a great router.

Some of the features that make the RT-AC3200 stand out to us includes:

  • Robust, easy to use Web UI
  • Built-in VPN server
  • Network-monitoring features
  • Great design

It’s a great choice for both your home or a small office. It’s powerful, almost too powerful. So if you have the needs for the performance and don’t mind paying the price, this is the perfect unit for you. Otherwise, it may be too powerful for the average use case.

With respect to design, this Asus is pretty aggressive and modern. It has six external antennae, and a darkish color that doesn’t stand out too much. It’s slim, yet has an incredibly efficient cooling design. And all of its LEDs sit along the router’s front edge. This allows you to see what’s on with a glance, without being overly bright. But if you don’t like the LED lights, you can turn them off with the press of a button.

The RT-AC3200 features a front 3.0 USB port and rear 2.0 USB port for plugging in USB memory sticks. Or, if you’d like to plug in a printer you can too! Also in the rear of the device is a WAN Ethernet port for connecting to the Router. In addition, it has four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a reset button to restore original settings.

Also around the rear of the device is the WAN Ethernet port for connecting this router to your modem, along with four Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices. The reset button will restore the router to its default setting, while the physical power button will save you having to unplug the power for those off-and-on-again moments.

Setting up this device is pretty simple. Asus equipped the router with a pretty comprehensive setup wizard that’ll guide you through the initial connection. You can easily reset passwords or Wi-Fi network names. For beginners, this is a great router for you.

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