The R7000 is a brand-new router from Netgear. It’s their flagship router with new features, built for the home user.

It’s a little bit expensive, but it has many extraordinary features that are included with it’s price tag. For one, it’s the fastest 802.11ac router from Netgear. It has a 1Ghz dual-core processor, making it one of the fastest on the market. In addition, it also has built-in OpenVPN server, Broadcom TurboQAM and DD-WRT. These new features from Netgear that allow the R700 to operate with a speed cap of 600Mbps and support third party firmware. You can even utilize Time Machine backup with an external storage device.

On the other hand, the R7000 is a beast. It’s the biggest router we’ve seen yet. It needs a full wall socket for it’s large power adopter, and a lot of space to mount or sit on a surface. But when compared to other routers on the market, for $200 it’s a pretty good value. It’s definitely a much better deal than the new AirPort Extreme for Macs.

Even though Netgear’s R7000 is larger than the R6300 , it’s much flatter. The new design allows it to lay flat on a surface instead of standing vertically. It’s three detachable antennas also don’t help with it’s size. But something that makes up for it’s bulkiness is that it’s mountable. You can mount it on any surface, or even a vertical wall.

The R7000 has an easy setup. With its preset network name and password, you’ll be connected within minutes of pulling it out of the box. If you want to customize the router, you can enter a browser from a connected device and connect to, or the default IP address. Once you’re logged in you have the ability to change all of the admin information. This includes usernames, passwords and more. You can also use the Netgear Genie mobile app from either an iOS or Android device. The app has a number of features that allow you to customize your router straight from your device. However, the desktop interface has more features than the mobile app.

The R7000 is a true dual-band router that supports a wide variety of existing Wi-Fi clients. It’s 5GHz band offers up to 1.3Gbps, while it’s 2.4GHz band offers up to 600Mbps of wireless internet speed.

Additionally, the Netgear R7000 features hardware components such as:

  • Dual-core CPU that runs at 1,000MHz
  • 128GB flash memory storage
  • 256MB DDR Ram
  • USB 3.0 (one port on the front of the unit)
  • USB 2.0 (one port on the back)
  • Live Parental Controls

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