The JVC DLA-X900RKT premium THX and ISF 4K projector is an amazing product. Although its price may be a little steep, it’s certainly worth the investment. It boasts a 150,000:1 native contrast, which is currently the highest in the industry. This projector has been optimized by technicians to make sure all parts and components are the best at what they do. Whether it’s for a home theatre, or for showcasing your high-resolution games, the DLA-X900RKT is perfect for your home.

Picture Quality

Picture quality of the DLA-X900RKT is pristine and beautiful to look at. Factory technicians work day-in and day-out to make sure every single part that goes into this unit work as one, to give viewers the best images possible. Currently the industry’s highest native contrast at 150,000:1, the images from this JVC projector are so exquisite that you might not want to leave your seats. It can even reach up to 1,500,000:1 in dynamic resolution, which is even more impressive. It has THX 3D Display Certification, and is also certified by ISF. Because it’s 3D-ready, you get amazingly high resolution – 3840 x 2160 in 2D and 1920 x 1080 in 3D. It’s flicker-free too, thanks to JVC’s exclusive 4K e-shift3 combined with three 0.7″ Full HD D-ILA devices. If that’s not enough, it has 4K-enabled HDMI inputs which accept 4K/60P source material. As such, it has a built-in up-conversion system that converts 1080p content into 4K resolution.


The JVC DLA-X900RKT projector comes in a sleek black body with dimensions of 18.5 x 17.8 x 7 inches, and it weighs 43 pounds. It has an automatic lens cover, so you don’t have to worry about remembering whether you forgot to do so. No need to worry about a noisy fan – it’s only at 21 dB when the lamp is in low mode. Its light source lamp is NSH 230W with a lamp life of approximately 4,000 hours when the lamp is in Low mode, and has brightness of 1,300 lumens. Its design is compliant with ISO 21118.

JVC DLA-X900RKT PREMIUM THX and ISF 4K PROJECTOR 150,000:1 native contrast

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Aspect Ratio16:9
Item DimensionsHeight: 700; Length: 1850; Weight: 4300; Width: 1780
Package DimensionsHeight: 1410; Length: 2350; Weight: 4300; Width: 2280
Package Quantity1
Part NumberDLAX900RKT
Product GroupHome Theater
TitleJVC DLA-X900RKT PREMIUM THX and ISF 4K PROJECTOR 150,000:1 native contrast