The original Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L was released in 2007. It had an interesting design with curved back, extruded-aluminum cabinets. It was the largest Mythos speaker to come out up until that point. Even though the speakers were incredibly high performing, some people couldn’t look past the funky rectangular, cloth covered speakers when placed next to a plasma TV.

So Definitive Technology took to the drawing boards and revamped nearly every aspect of the speakers. The new ST-L has many new features with new materials. It now sits on a cast-aluminum X-shaped platform instead of a granite pedestal base. The power chord now attaches underneath the speaker through a center hole in the base. It’s also a little taller than the ST. It’s 53 inches high now which is 1.5 inches taller than the original ST. It’s not ‘larger’ though. The ST-L maintains a similar size to the ST.

Internally, the ST-L has changed too. The tweeter now has a 1″ magnesium-aluminum dome and a 59% larger magnet. This produces much less distortion at higher volumes. It also has two new 5.25″ midrange drivers with larger motor structures and a mushroom-shaped phase plug. They’re smoother and have a better frequency response. The other set of midrange drivers aren’t identical. One has an aluminum wire clad in copper, while the other has only copper wire. The midrange and tweeters are housed in an injection-molded sealed enclosure. This isolates them from the build-in subwoofer to prevent any sort of backwave.

The subwoofer has also been upgraded since the original ST. It’s a build-in 10″ x 6″ driver with a new polymer and carbon composite woven cone. It has a completely redesigned motor, longer voice coil and a more powerful magnet. It has a whopping 25% more excursion than the original ST subwoofer and is powered by a 1200W class-HD amp.

All in all, the Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L brings new meaning to surround sound tower speakers. Its performance is incredible and its sound is clear and balanced. It’s a top to bottom complete redesign of the Mythos ST, in a good way.

Definitive Technologies Mythos ST-L Speaker Video Preview

Although Definitive Technology rolled out a number of new products at CEDIA 2013 this year, the one we were most interested is the Mythos ST-L SuperTower.

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