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Polk Audio has been influencing the home and automotive audio markets since the 1970s. It was the SRT series that really put them on the map in 1995. It was a 35 active driver system with two subwoofers that could produce up to 120 dB. Oh, and it had a price tag of $10,000.

Today, Polk is continuing its legacy of high quality and performing surround sound speakers with the LSiM. They’re one of Polk’s flagship home theater tower speakers. And for good reason.

The LSiM 707’s main drivers feature Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene cones. They’re super light, don’t flex and are well-dampened. It has 1 inch tweeters that is mounted in an integrated structure with the midrange. Polk calls this structure its Dynamic Sonic Engine. Locking the two drivers together like this allows them to provide incredible dispersion.

The towers are a 4-way design. They each have a pair of oval bass drivers called Cassini Ovoids. Polk refers to these drivers as subwoofers because they reproduce sub 100 Hz sound very well. They aren’t powered by a dedicated amp though, rather powered by the main amp channel that powers the rest of the speakers.

Performance from the LSiM 707 has no shortcoming. It’s a great full range speaker. But it also can handle the bass with a frequency range of 22Hz – 40kHz and -3dB point at 42Hz.

These towers do have a bit of a high price tag. But what really stood out to us is that the 707 is the perfect speaker for both high end receivers and amplifiers and lower end receivers. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to drop thousands to power these tower speakers.

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Set Stereo = Caixas PolkAudio LSiM 707 + M6500i + M6DAC

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